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We paused the drive from Big Sur back to Tripp in SLO many times, and this is one of the more colorful spots nearing San Simeon.

0891 Big Sur Colors

0891 Big Sur Colors

Before long we were flying across the arid rolling hills of Santa Maria Valley where dancing water had once carved now parched dry creeks.

0958 Moist Memories

0958 Moist Memories

Soon we crested the mountains near familiar Lizard’s Mouth where the little “Witch’s Hat” cave caught the shifting colors of a sun settling into drowsy stillness.

1027 Witch's Hat

1027 Witch’s Hat

We were back in the spell of our charming little city sprawled below as lights already began to twinkle where sun had already departed. Enchanting as every journey is, there’s no place like home.


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