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We love Santa Barbara. Unless you’re new to this blog, you already knew that. But recently I found yet another example that might help explain it.

6843 Barbarian Abode

6843 Barbarian Abode

This relatively modest mansion in our hills exudes creativity and is a great example of our diversity. Many non-homogeneous places like ours struggle to get along even just between political perspectives, but here we do it better than most.  Like some other places we have hardy minimalists living in trackless wilderness near (flying Tripp) massive mansions. Like many other places we have a large homeless population living among billionaires. We have salary workers below the poverty line, artists, and creative people of all sorts including those who’ve grown very rich from their passions. But of all the places we’ve flown in North America, there’s no place like home for mingling such extreme diversity so well.


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