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Scary Beauty

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We live in a paradise that’s scary beautiful. Like this view from the waiting room of a medical clinic downtown.

142223 Everyday Beauty

142223 Everyday Beauty

Almost scary how beautiful this is. But there’s another way this view can be scary for locals on days like this. Here’s a pic of those mountains from May 5, 2009 not long after some volunteer with a weed whacker was clearing brush from one of the myriad great local hiking trails.

5895 Jesusita Fire

5895 Jesusita Fire

In only a few hours, thousands of acres had burned and many homes destroyed. This was during one of our hot dry wind events that make fires more likely, more destructive, and more difficult and dangerous for firefighters. Today, with the whole region in Exceptional drought conditions, we’re having another such wind event. This is a type of scary beauty.


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