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Marble Marvels

As with every flight we’ve made there since discovering this marvel so close (by air) to the Grand Canyon, our views of Marble Canyon were among the most enchanting of this trip. After climbing out of the stifling Marble Canyon Airport toward Page (top-right), we followed the river on its cut through the high mesa where Lake Powell sits in the distance top-center.

6914 Toward PGA

6914 Toward KPGA

Though we didn’t know it then, that’s Horseshoe Bend at the lower-right. But more interesting to me at that moment was the sharper bend just up-river on the left. Also, that deep slot canyon between them.

6915 Bend & Slot

6915 Bend & Slot

That’s it at the bottom-right edge, and the depth of it fascinated me as I pondered what it’s like when a heavy rain makes a temporary cascade into the river there. As we passed, the rock shapes and colors on the outside bank of this tight bend just captivated me.

6907 Outer Bank

6907 Outer Bank

Since we got only a glance and Anne saw almost nothing on my side, we decided to continue climbing in a wide turn back for a closer look.

6932 Boater's Bend

6932 Boater’s Bend

It’s probably possible to make an arduous hike out to this point from the trail to Horseshoe Bend that ends atop the far bank off to the right of this pic. But I doubt many people do it, so most who’ve seen this magnificent spot do so from one of the boats we saw on the river. It was truly magical from our vantage point, where it’s even more impressive than its neighbor that attracts so many hikers. Though this flight from L41 to PGA was brief, there are more pix I’ll share…


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