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Up & Way Up

We went up today for a short flight just as winds were picking up. Bumpy, but very clear and very Fun. 🙂

8736 Boat B Gone

8736 Boat B Gone

Where once two boats had ended their last sail, now there was one graffiti tagged boat and this hole with a small crowd of people.

8742 Dream's End

8742 Dream’s End

Two stories that began with dreams of sailing and large investments of time and money, are transforming into only impressions on the beach. Soon there will be no trace left behind, like love letters from a summer romance.

Then the magic of night visited. As a friend left after we enjoyed an enchanted chat and divine chocolate cake she made, she shouted at this sight.

3317 Moon Magic

3317 Moon Magic

Though this looks strange, what we saw was even more freaky looking than the camera could capture. I also like how it looks turned upside down as the cloud dissipated, flipped into some bizarre moon launch.

3332 Space Shot

3332 Space Shot

In this life, we are treated to countless shining moments that merge into the tide of time.


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