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I enjoy the impressions images make on me. When I see something that tickles my creative eye, sometimes I pause to wonder why. If I snap a pic of it, usually they don’t fully capture what I saw and sometimes they capture an impression that wasn’t there in the moment.

0729 USS Stearns

0729 USS Stearns

When I saw and snapped this, it was to capture the creative impression from long shadows across the wharf. As a photo the impression that stands out is that Stearn’s Wharf looks like an aircraft carrier full stop in a calm sea of linear ripples. This next one was a much bigger surprise.

0733 Pow!

0733 Pow!

Sure the sail in sunshine above an already sunset sea made an impression, but keep in mind that we’re 1/4 mile away so the scene is vast and there are many other remarkable things to look at. When I cropped the zoom pic, the impression became one of thrilling motion beneath a brilliant balloon suspended in space.



  1. Hi Anne & John I hadn’t seen a nurse in almost a month, so emailed my Doctor to send out the Hospic, people, they came today and signed me up, they checked me out and said my Lung has not build up any water, that’s good news, they will pay for all medication and my Perscription pills. , they sent PG& E a notice to reduce my bills, because Im on oxygen 24/7. This is the first time I’ve received any benefits from being a veteran in WW2. I like that part. A nurse will come by a couple times a week to check on me and see if I need anything. I want to thank you two for the great concerns you have showed me, John,s emails always Have great reading on his impressions of what he see,s in his photos. I’ll keep you posted on how things will be going with me. Love to both of you. Claude

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    Comment by Claude w. Hawkins — 2014/01/30 @ 04:32

  2. Hi Claude! I’ve emailed you a reply again, but wanted to thank you here for keeping in touch. Your aviation experiences are a great inspiration for us, so we’re honored by your becoming part of our extended family AND a great friend! 🙂

    Comment by John — 2014/01/30 @ 08:14

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