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Some would say that at its most interesting, Art is just a nickname for Arthur. Looking at paintings or photos just doesn’t trigger for them what it magically awakens in me. In this glimpse, I see Art.

1265 Art Flow

1265 Art Flow

It strikes me as silly to analyze Art, because it’s beyond understanding. But somehow images like this awaken not just my love of Art but my love of understanding and an associated yearning for learning. I enjoy the niggle of vertigo from this angle, the interleaved wedge swaths of color, the frozen action of surfers, and the subsurface billowing sand. But I’ll never know why this glimpse of Art moved finger to shutter in that moment, or choice of this for a longer look from among snaps, or posting this brief foray into analysis. Or wondering for a moment whether anyone seeing this will experience thought, boredom, or Art. 🙂


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