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Lizard’s Mouth

Right now for some reason the name somehow evokes the smell of recently eaten insects on the breath of some reptile. But in fact Lizard’s Mouth is one of our young Sarah’s fav local hangouts. Several times she’s wanted to take us there for a hike and scramble among the rocks. Now we better understand why.

7465 Lizard's Mouth

7465 Lizard’s Mouth

In the hour before sunset people were gathering for the show, which is surely spectacular there. This whole area of the mountainside is strewn with fascinating rock formations, and we’re enjoying looking thru the pix we snapped as we glided quietly by angling down toward SB. A mile or two East is another “rock garden” area with many silent stone sculptures.

7442 Another Rock Garden

7442 Another Rock Garden

My fav rock garden is actually several miles west of Lizard Rock, with another good rock garden between (so many rocks, so little time). But on this particular passage by this one, one clump of boulders caught my attention.

7441 Holey Rocks

7441 Holey Rocks

Unlike many “holey rocks” in our hills, these don’t seem to have been carved out by native peoples pounding acorns centuries ago. Instead my guess is these holes were carved by natural forces. Perhaps when they were on the sea floor, or as they rose thousands of feet along with what are now our mountains and were perhaps in a river for a time. Or maybe just soft areas in the sandstone yielded to the relatively light rainfall here over millennia. Sometimes taking in sculptures like these I imagine a time-lapse view of how features emerged in the ebb and flow of terrain and flickering surges of life between flashes of fire to etch textures of time on stone.


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  1. LOVE seeing my old stomping grounds from the air – fabulous shots, John!! Monica~

    Comment by Monica — 2013/12/18 @ 15:54

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