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Magic Kingdom

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So, sweet Lee has a Disney addiction. She brought us to DisWorld, and knows every inch of it. She even has a time share here. Well, she treated us to a night in a small room here for tonite planning to give us the bedroom & sleep on a pullout sofabed.

After check-in to the comfy room we enjoyed a day doing her fav attractions. We came back to find they’d given us a free upgrade to a $2k room. It’s supposedly second only to the Presidential suite, but I’m calling it the Secretary of Agriculture suite.

3 bedrooms (each w/private balcony over the Boardwalk), 7 doors, and more amenities than you can imagine. Here are a pic from one bathroom thru to the amazing view, and from one bedroom thru the living room with two more bedrooms beyond the far wall. Not to mention full kitchen and laundry room!

I might post more with laptop tomorrow, but for now we’re enjoying the Magic.

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