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Today was very varied. We began with Starbucks next to the hotel, then a walk to breakfast in the old city with many friendly encounters. I noticed that the pix can all reference groupings, so I’ve updated this post to play with that.

3815 Man & Two Cats

3815 Man & Two Cats

This guy was smiling on the roof of a building watching  as we got updated directions from a friendly Quebec man whose English was of course better than our French. Paillard, recommended by Ed and several other sources, had great food.

3820 Menu Dialog

3820 Anne & Five Chefs

Bob Fournier provided an enchanting lyrical background of French music as we ate, and then our Bob joined him in song as I danced with Enid to the great enjoyment of the other patrons.

3823 Accordion & Two Bobs

3823 Accordion & Two Bobs

We walked back up the hill and paused to enjoy the colorful buildings.

3836 Red & Green

3836 Blue, Green & Red

Then we went on a brief wander back toward the hotel as Bob & Enid paused at a very helpful tourist info office. We managed to get tangled up in the maze of the old fortress, where we saw this classic scene amid the battlements.

3867 Kite & Tree

3867 Grass, Kite & Tree

We learned later that Bob & Enid had a great relaxed stroll along a scenic waterfront promenade as we were trying to find our way out of the fort nearby. They were probably already back at the hotel enjoying a nap as we paused to see if this groundhog would predict more Winter. He did.

3869 Groundhog & Forecast

3869 Groundhog & Forecast

We learned tonight that there may be some unexpected weather coming tomorrow, so it’s likely we’ll be leaving earlier than planned. But we did eventually find a way out of the fort other than trying to follow the groundhog. Back on the familiar street I captured this threesome with a cart.

3871 Cart, Horse, Man & Dog

3871 Cart, Horse, Man & Dog


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