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It’s quiet. No musical little voice babbling as she toddles from this room to that, and from one set of loving arms to another. No conversation about what we’ll do tomorrow. Another change is that we flew after several days on the ground, taking off just before their plane. I heard their pilot talking to ATC as I snapped this view of their airliner climbing with the lush green hills behind them.

4462 Takeoff

4462 Takeoff

After watching Lulu blow us kisses as they walked thru the TSA checkpoint, being already at the airport we decided to take Tripp up for a few minutes to get some air in our hair. I flew the “pattern” around the airport once for a change so we could watch their plane taxi and take off, and got this view past UCSB to the islands that’s much like what they saw if looking out the left.

4440 SB Winter

4440 SB Winter

Looking at it now, I’m remembering them talking this morning about the temperature here (about 80F) and the change they were headed into (Edmonton forecast is -14C). I’m remembering what we saw about this date two years ago when we visited them there.

5433 Edmonton Winter

5433 Edmonton Winter

Yes, that’s a frozen river. This is one of our most colorful aerial views from that trip. Most of the city and countryside is a study in black and white, since anything not covered in snow looks black by contrast. It’s a beautiful and fun city, but of course we hope their taste of SB Winter will draw them here again. 🙂


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  1. Lovely pictures! Edmonton is my hometown. 🙂

    Comment by pickledwings — 2013/02/17 @ 09:55

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