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A perfect day. Take a perfect wife, daughter, grand-daughter, son-in-law, sister, niece and her boyfriend. Then add perfect weather. Sprinkle on some loving chalk art dedicated to Grampa & Grammy.

4130 Chalk Art

4130 Chalk Art

We were asked last year what names we’d like Lulu to call us, and these are what we chose. Today it turns out she’s modified the pronunciation to Bumpa & Bammie. It’s so sweet the way she says them and as the saying goes, we don’t care what you call us just call. 🙂

To cap this Perfect day some of us flew to Santa Ynez to meet the others who drove over for a family dinner, then our little family of five came home (half by air, half by car).

4131 Perfect Flying Day

4131 Perfect Flying Day

Now we’re about to watch Groundhog Day. Again.

Life is So Sweet.



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