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Dr. Phil

Was it Johnny Carson who said his dentist’s name was Phil McCavity? Well as you may know this distinctive peak above Santa Barbara reminds me of a dental work so I call it Tooth Rock. It even has several “cavities” on the face. OK, it’s true I intended to stop sharing 3D pix here but I really like how the shape and cavities stand out.

3884 3D Tooth Rock

3884 3D Tooth Rock

Again, to view it look at the line in the center and gradually cross your eyes until you see three photos side by side and then focus on the peak as you cross or uncross your eyes slightly to bring together the two images of the peak in the center of the three photos you see with your eyes crossed. Once you learn to do this it’s quick and easy, and it’s great fun to look at the pix.
Here’s a frontal view of the rock, that shows the caves better. Especially in 3D!

3887 3D Tooth Face

3887 3D Tooth Face

This is more the view from town, where it looks like a conical tooth shape. In the first pic at the top, you can see it’s actually a thick slab of rock. The second pic is fuzzy at the top-right because the angle on the hills behind changes so much between the two pics that make it 3D.

Having seen it close up like this, often when I look at it from town now I can imagine us up there with friends sipping wine and watching the sunset. Later quiet guitar and singing around a small campfire during the wet season. Maybe sleeping in the big cave at the base and watching the stars whirl by outside the opening. Surely many people have spent time there over the ages. Their enchantment there has captured my imagination, and resonates in my soul.


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