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Tar Babies

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California is a car kingdom. Without a car in many parts of this state, mobility can be a major hassle. Of course, the “free” ways are often at a standstill too so in some ways mobility can be a major hassle even with a car. Here in SB it’s not a big deal for most people, but those who commute to and from here can face an unpredictable drive. Many locals don’t know how much our car culture literally arose from the ground around here. Here’s a remnant by way of example.

0935 Petro Past

0935 Petro Past

Black gold used to literally bubble out of the ground in many places. This tar seep from the sandstone bluffs near More Mesa used to be joined by many more before most of the petroleum was drained by countless wells. Walking the beaches still often ends up with your feet dotted with tar babies. I recently started enjoying the shapes and textures of these big tar blobs, so you’ll probably see more like this here in the future.

0936 Beach Blob

0936 Beach Blob

If you look closely on the beach to the right of the blue towel, you might make out some people to show the scale of these blobs. They look like sleeping giants that could rise up and swallow those beach goers, and maybe ooze up the hill to go rampaging through town gobbling up SUVs. Thankfully, they seem content to slumber.


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