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Beached Whale

Often it’s an inexplicable impulse that moves me to snap an aerial. Something about this scene, for example, just nudged me to pick up the camera and tap the shutter.

0246 Beached Whale?

0246 Beached Whale?

Back at home looking at pix from the flight, the black thing in the middle looked at first like a beached baby whale. The guy walking toward it, maybe even the green thing some sort of attempted rescue floatation device? Then a deep breath and more careful examination reveals it’s a giant oil blob. An ancient seep from the riven sandstone strata just above the beach. But the fun I had discovering this feature on the popular More Mesa beach reinforces my tendency to go with the impulse to snap when it arises. Same with this one taken a moment earlier.

0245 Rock & Garden

0245 Rock & Garden

The shapes of rock and garden mingle to produce art. I like how the several yards also blend from above, into a complete picture that explodes beyond the square fence. Plus of course the turret on the right, because there’s something so romantic about turrets for me. This last one for today recalls the 1960s California surfing scene, but with an accent of Cannes, with the tidy identical beach umbrellas.

0250 Surfin' USA

0250 Surfin’ USA

It also recalls for me the 70th birthday party we had there on the Hope Ranch private beach for our dearly departed Doris. Seems only yesterday, yet it’s been fourteen years or so. She seemed so much older and wiser, yet soon enough we’ll reach that age. I guess as we age, ever more of our consciousness includes memory. Do the scenes that stand out to us, define our true selves? Am I in some way a beached whale? Are we the past we remember, the future we imagine, or our present consciousness and actions?


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