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Unidentical Twins

Some twins look and act unrelated. The owners of these two large homes presumably have a lot in common. Similar incomes, same neighborhood, etc. Yet they are so drastically different.

0146 Unidentical Twins

0146 Unidentical Twins

I like the more compact layout of the top one (T), yet the bottom one (B) has an inner sanctum. B has a natural style pool, yet T’s pool is probably a bit bigger. T has a symmetry in the yard with fountain, yet B has a natural look and a cool detached cottage.

We have a lot in common with our neighbors and do spend some time with them, but we all like to imagine ourselves as very different. I wonder if these owners are friends who chat over the fence (or through the hedge), and hang out together a lot. Maybe not, but they probably do have enough in common to imagine them as fraternal twins from this distance. Separated at birth.


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