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Hears Who?

One of my daughter’s fav books was Seuss’ “Horton Hears a Who.” Well, ok, one of my favs. 🙂

“A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

So I wonder if any of the small people visible in this snap of Horton Plaza in San Diego hear we who were flying nearly a mile above.

0006 Horton Plaza

0006 Horton Plaza

I like this pic because it hints at the creative nature of this mall. We’ve several times been on one side of that diagonal slit down the middle, wanting to reach people or shops on the other side. When we did find a place to cross over, it typically took us to a different level from the one we wanted so then we’d be searching for stairs. But of course, many of the stairs take you back to the other side where you started (tho at a different level). Maybe our playful Dr. Seuss influenced the design even tho the Horton it was named for was presumably the SD historical figure rather than the book (and movie) hero.


Venice High

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We were high at Venice Beach today, and in a light haze.

0024 Venice Beach

0024 Venice Beach

Even with the haze, in this cropped view you can see there’s lots of sunny Tuesday afternoon action on the promenade. A circle of tourists has gathered to the right of the street painting to watch some sidewalk show.

0024 Venice Skate Park

0024 Venice Skate Park

Just to the right of the first pic toward the surf from the promenade is the skate park where there was also some action. We thought about flying lower for a better view, but it was fun to see such a vast SoCal panorama. Plus, we were well ready to be home quickly for some R&R. Wonderful times in San Diego, and now a good long rest!

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