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Cold Spring

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The mid-70s crystal clear days we’ve been enjoying lately can’t possibly be the topic here. Nor did it help provide the pic I’m sharing, because the thin high overcast of the calm and warm weather a few days ago enabled the often impossible. With that diffused light and the leaves gone from some trees, we were able to see and snap the Cold Spring Tavern. We celebrated, because often it’s impossible to even catch a glimpse of it from the air.

9734 Cold Spring Tavern

9734 Cold Spring Tavern

A hundred-some years ago the Cold Spring Tavern was a refreshing stop on the stage ride North out of Santa Barbara. After a hot and bumpy ride up the mountain, this shady rest with cold beverages must have been very welcome indeed. As you can see from my snap on the wiki page (link above), we’ve enjoyed it along with the many visitors who still congregate there for food, music, and cool beverages.


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