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New Year’s Day we did a shuffle, and for the second we did a walk. The shuffle was driving over to Santa Ynez, leaving the car and flying Tripp home to SBA just ahead of the late afternoon fog. The familiar shapes of Bradbury Dam looked tranquil in the lengthening shadows.

1020001 Bradbury Shapes

1020001 Bradbury Shapes

If you have Anne’s keen eye for detail, you’ve noticed yet another numbering scheme on this set of pix. We got a cheapo videocam in SD, and somehow both forgot our cameras so we had only that along with us on the short flight. I’m undecided whether to keep it past the trial period due to the marginal quality of video and stills, but it could be cool to have aerial video from some of our adventures. These stills of Cachuma Lake are ok for here or Edhat, but might not meet my standards for the Photo Page. Of course, we’d normally have better still cameras along, but the video quality is marginal too. Maybe the “flybucks” saved on the cheapo camera would make it worth more hassle editing and improving any video we use.  This wider shot better shows the poor lens quality, in all the haze and washed out sky.

1020003 Cachuma Head

1020003 Cachuma Head

This still has already been corrected some, and doing even this amount on video takes more time and effort. At least the lake was relaxing and beautiful to look at, and even these pix take us back to the magical ride home to slip Tripp into her home base just before the foggy sunset.

1020002 Up Lake

1020002 Up Lake

To celebrate our second day of 2012, we went for a walk. Pretty pedestrian perhaps, but it felt wonderful to catch up on some chores around home, sleep in, vege out in front of TV, and catch up with cyberia (email & web). Well, except for sharing these pix before the clock struck twelve. Tomorrow maybe we’ll get more active again, and start practicing saying and writing 2012. For some reason the change is taking longer to feel real this year.


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  1. Thanks for all your sharing and have a great 2012. Looking forward to reading about the big waves coming this week. Marie

    Comment by Marie Mancilla — 2012/01/03 @ 20:44

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