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Flood Risk

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I recently sensed that someone was bravely holding back a deep flood of emotions, and that a relatively small event could shatter the calm facade. Maybe that’s why I noticed the signs of recent activity on the face of this dam we passed on a slow climb out of San Jose toward home.

8700 Holding Back

8700 Holding Back

Having studied human nature and practiced new techniques for communicating deep emotions, my hope is that in this century humanity might at last learn to manage the feelings within and between us. To repair the damage done, and locate areas in our psyche that can benefit from strengthening. Somewhat like this dam, holding Anderson Lake above Morgan Hill. Turns out it was vulnerable to a failure that could have sent a 35 foot wall of water across the quiet town, and even eight feet of water into populous San Jose buzzing in the distance. After noticing the dam, I remembered visiting the lake in my youth.

8699 Over Lake

8699 Over Lake

Over the lake that dam is holding over the town, a small flood of memories came. The cottage my grandmother lived in for a few years there. A family of close relatives in the town. Memories of the last time I visited the lake, pausing on the hillside near a lone dead tree on the grassy slope. Contemplating a very difficult time in my life, with none of the peace and clarity Anne and I have created together. All this and more whimsically passing in slow-motion parade beneath Tripp’s stout wings, with only quick moments of thought as I took in all the rest of the panorama unfolding around us in a rotation that included attention to flight and navigation. Now in front of the fireplace reflecting on the pix and typing this, those moments expand into exploration of submerged memories and feelings. Healing with the awareness and acceptance that reduces flood risk to a steady ebb and flow.


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  1. I love your metaphor of flood of emotions to flood of a dam. Happy New Years to you!

    Comment by J.C.V. — 2012/01/01 @ 18:47

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