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Italy Obsessed?

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Am I becoming Italy obsessed? After twice flying over Venice recently, just now I looked up the location of another spot that captured my imagination. Despite first impressions, this isn’t a home next to a desert freeway.

8129 Sand Lot

8129 Sand Lot

Those patterns in the sand were probably made by the machines that drive around like lawn mowers, cleaning trash and bottles from the beach sand on the wide strand at Naples. Yes, a few miles from Venice the L.A. beach area boasts Naples.

Just like the language we speak greatly affects how we see the world, so too does our mode of transportation. We were in Ireland years ago, and traveled the same road twice: once in a tiny rental car, and again in a large bus. In the car we saw little other than the lovely dark green hedges that line nearly all roads there up to a height above that of the little car. In the bus we enjoyed great expanses of breathtaking variations in indescribable shades of green countryside, and a variety of intriguing stone ruins. Another example of transportation consciousness is in this post, because I’ve wandered the L.A. area for years and never suspected that Naples is there. I’ve driven past it many times on Hwy. 1 and on Ocean Blvd, passing on either side of it. Only now having flown over do I see it floating in Alamitos Bay, begging for a closer look.

8127 Naples

8127 Naples



  1. so i see adds on your site. i though worldpress was free. flying everyday? i wish i could do that.

    Comment by Anonymous — 2011/12/17 @ 00:21

    • Yeh, ads started showing up recently and I’m going to fly with the money they want for no ads. Wonder if it’s a bother to anyone else. It’s still free, and still better than “Blaaggah.” No, we seem to fly every 10 days or so but it takes me a while to get thru all the pix, because there are so many beautiful things to photograph here. 🙂

      Comment by John — 2011/12/17 @ 01:36

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