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The seasonal sunsets have begun, and we enjoyed this one from a nearby hill where we paused on a walk to admire the light and color. Noticing the gathering colors as we left the house, we’d talked about bringing a camera. Luckily this cellphone pic came out passably well as a memento of a magical moment together.

9/25 Sunset Phone Pic

9/25 Sunset Phone Pic

Had we brought a better camera, you could get a clearer look at the glowing virga that made this scene extra magical.

Our 9/22 flight included a scene that evokes toy sailboats in a pond. These are the small single-person craft that seem to often gather in a frenetic cluster offshore, but this time they were just outside the harbor.

6184 Toy Boats

6184 Toy Boats

From the air, this tumult of turning boats is great fun to watch. Maybe we should try to get video some time.


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