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Our brief flight yesterday brought nostalgic touches of Old Santa Barbara. Near our place I spotted these two horses standing motionless on a grassy knoll all but oblivious to the newfangled machine passing a quarter mile above their sleepy heads.

2405 Urban Horses

2405 Urban Horses

They reminded me of the horses our family had when I was little, and of the massive Fiesta Parade coming up here Friday the 5th. The largest equestrian parade in the West as I recall. We’ve gone a few times, and it’s such a delight to see the exceptional horses and riders. Feels like we’re back in the last millennium before cars, watching the seemingly endless stream of people moving up the street with the help of single-digit horsepower.

An item in Edhat about sidewalk stamps included an old one with my name, and citizens may vote it Photo of the Day. This is the first place I’ve lived that had someone else with my name, and there are three of us! All of this gives our town an older impression than we get cruising Altered State Street.

We also saw the old mission framed by the Riviera hills with a cloud garnish, and that’s where many of the week-long series of Fiesta events other than the parade are held.

2409 Mission & Hills

2409 Mission & Hills

The air was hazy because the coastal low clouds that keep our town comfy in the SoCA summer had just dissipated, and that gives the photo an older look that would probably add “age” in sepia. I still like it in color tho. 🙂


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