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My little royalty junkie wanted to fly over Kate & William’s charity polo match near Carp today, so being an aviation junkie I quickly agreed. We got some great pix of other stuff, and flying around the area provided a bounty of glorious views. But in case anyone else share’s my better half’s fascination, here are a couple of our event pix. First, the scene from offshore.

1729 Polo Field

1729 Polo Field

The white flat-topped awning on the left edge is probably where the VIPs watched, and you can see the horses leaving the field (top-left) just as we arrived. I think the “cheap” $400 seats were on the right side. Presumably residents of the condos at the top and their guests got to watch for free.

Here’s one that we think is Kate (see the larger view on my Photo Page for Notes).

1785 Kate?

1785 Kate?

Completely impossible to tell from the air, but this maximum zoom snap from half a mile away does look like her. Maybe someone who was there can corroborate.


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