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Good People

I’m a good person, thanks to rain. Anne got her extra day (and maybe another tomorrow) in this her fav hotel of this adventure, because after lots of weather consulting it looked best to just stay here and rest while yet another freak storm does its thing in large swaths of the continent. In addition to the great room, she likes the good people working here and has befriended several of them. Today we got a shuttle ride to Collegetown on the edge of the Cornell campus, and had a long slow stroll in the area.

0677 Old Gate

0677 Old Gate

Many of the buildings are old, and we got a brief intro to some from our driver. Then I was treated to more details by Anne who had looked a lot of stuff up online at the hotel. We passed the Lincoln building honoring Abe, built in 1888. We got a tasty sandwich at Collegetown Bagels, and sat near the sound of this cascading creek for lunch.

0691 Creek & Falls

0691 Creek & Falls

Anne went back into the bustling bagel shop for a minute while I contemplated falling water and passing time, then we strolled to a larger creek at the small Beebe Lake and got this shot of the rock hollow.

0708 Rock Hollow

0708 Rock Hollow

No, that’s not Tripp’s strut that you sometimes see in our aerials. It’s the bridge rail where they’ve installed what seem to be suicide barriers and thoughtfully included small holes where you can view and/or snap the scene. Above it some good person had kindly hung a string of small lights hooked to a battery pack to add a sparkle at night. After our shuttle ride back “home” to the hotel, Anne realized she didn’t have her credit card. Recalling her last use of it getting cookies she called CTB and some good person had kindly turned it in, so thanks to yet another free shuttle ride from the good hotel people all is well in our little rainy day world. So relaxed and happy, wondering what adventures tomorrow will bring.


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  1. How wonderful that a good person turned in Anne’s credit card! “Good People” – perfect title for this one. Enjoyed the photos and the story within the story … of the missing-to-found credit card.

    Anne, I’m sure you had a few moments where your heart was beating rapidly over this one. Glad you both could end the evening “relaxed and happy.” 🙂

    Comment by Carla — 2011/05/23 @ 04:26

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