John & Anne Wiley


Clouds B Gone

We had more clouds today much of the way from KS to NM, but before a fun stop in CO they began giving way to strong winds and light to moderate turbulence. Still fun flying, but more tiring. Once we rounded the southern tip of the Rockies at Las Vegas (the one in NM), the winds kicked up a bit more. By the time we landed in Santa Fe it was nice to be on the ground. As you can see though, the wind was creating a new hairdo for Anne.

0981 Blow Dry

0981 Blow Dry

The clouds aren’t much of a factor here. 🙂

So we’re snug in SFe with dear friend Deb after a nice dinner with Nigel and friends. Looks like tomorrow night will be here too if forecasts don’t change. Wish it weren’t so windy, because we’d love to fly Nigel & Deb around the area. Guess we’ll have to make the short hop back in calmer weather. I’ll probably blog more about today’s flight sometime, because we saw some interesting scenes. Tonight though, we’re ready for sleep…


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