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Flying (or not)

Rain. Misty, dribbly, drizzly, intermixed with bigger lumpy drops of inexorable and interminable wetness.

0131 Island Puddle

0131 Island Puddle

So we’re In today, enjoying some hard-core R&R. We watched the old movie “Local Hero” this morning, probably the fourth time for me and the first for Anne because she slept through the other three. Perfect slow, quirky and inward movie for today somehow. First TV we’ve watched in quite a while, and the 20″ screen 12′ across the room is quite a contrast to our screen at home. After snapping the puddle above, I realized it reminds me of the land form shapes hereabouts (looking at lots of gEarth, gMaps, satellite weather, aeronautical charts and radar rain images today). Anyway, here’s the puddle in context, at the bottom of this pic out our window.

0133 Backyard Wetland

0133 Backyard Wetland

Though it’s raining more than yesterday, paradoxically the clouds are higher. Translation: we could fly today, but we don’t want to. The forecasts have consistently promised better weather in 4-5 days, for the last 4-5 days, but this time several different forecasts are showing more promise for tomorrow and Wednesday so we’ll probably move our official Primary Base of Operations back to Summerside (name still makes us smile) to be ready for any real break. Getting to Newfoundland demands clearer skies. If the forecast taunt of clear skies moves further into the future again, we might just sacrifice my dream of Newfoundland on the altar of reality and fly back to Maine below the clouds with probably a stop in Nova Scotia as we could have on several recent days. Having heard many intriguing stories about Newfies, I’d really like to go there even for a brief stop to find out what makes them so different (not fully part of Canada, half-hour different time zone, “friendly folk with a powerful independent streak,” etc…).

Meanwhile I snapped a wet bird flitting down from a tree across the yard, and felt glad not to be flying.

0134 Wet Bird Descending

0134 Wet Bird Descending



  1. The puddle is clearly a bushy-tailed squirrel trying to catch a football-shaped acorn in its mouth.

    Comment by Nancy Oster — 2011/05/16 @ 19:38

  2. poor birds.

    Comment by Zubair — 2011/05/17 @ 20:11

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