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Friday the 13th

This morning was a little bit scary.

0206 Men In Black

0206 Men In Black

Not just the bare trees in mid-May, or the fact that our hotel was swarming with cops. That’s just because this hotel is one of the main training sites for the RCMP (cops), and was not an indication of a raid or bust of any kind. In fact, they were all quite friendly and many were even a bit shy. It was a bit scary due to the other thing you might notice in the above pic, and even more in the one below.

0087 Vanishing Windmill

0087 Vanishing Windmill

The top blade on the wind turbine above has vanished in the fog, and the wind is so strong the blades are bent back. The top pic shows that the visibility was less than a mile at 11am or so. A bit scary to think about trying to fly in that soup, and we were glad to have chosen Summerside (still giggling at that name) rather than Moncton because PEI has so many fun things to do.

We rented an incredibly cheap and quite comfy car from Enterprise, who picked us up at the hotel next to the airport, and drove into Charlottetown (passing through New Haven again on the way, a cute tiny village but alas not Molly’s New Haven in CT).

0105 Wrong New Haven

0105 Wrong New Haven

Our B&B is in a neighborhood of beautifully maintained victorian houses like this one with an observation tower built by a rich mariner.

0217 Beaconsfield House

0217 Beaconsfield House

We walked all around the downtown in the cold wind, and had trouble deciding between several good choices of cuisine before ending up on the waterfront for fresh lobster. Janie our waitress entertained some kids at the next table by coaxing a randomly-selected one of the feisty live crustaceans to stand on its head.

0235 Lobster Headstand

0235 Lobster Headstand

She’s substitute-teaching and earning an Ed degree to teach elementary school, so her ability to make learning fun and interesting was infectious (she got a round of applause from the patrons after the trick). Turns out lobsters are hypnotized by stroking their head between the eyes, and they will hold still as you prop them up in a 3-point headstand. Once everyone started taking flash photos, it woke up and started moving again none the worse for the stunt.

We’ve enjoyed talking with PE Islanders a lot. At most stops we’ll ask people what they like best about living where they do. Some love it, some hate it, and most are just there (job, family, inertia, fear of travel, or whatever). Every one of the half dozen or so people we’ve asked here say they love it! Reasons cited are Peaceful, Friendly, Beautiful and Entertainments ranging from arts to outdoors. It’s fun to be around people who love who and where they are. 🙂



  1. Yeah a windmill. Windmill capital of the world. Which means its always windy.

    Comment by Zubair — 2011/05/14 @ 13:05

  2. Experiencing the experiences….

    John, you consistently write so well about your adventures that you really are able to take us there with you… so that we, your readers, get the sense of vicariously experiencing the tastes, sounds, vistas….. ponderings and emotions of your journey.

    I continue to marvel at how these writing flow from you so effortlessly.

    I know the writings are therapeutic for you as you need this channel of self-expression and creativity…. but it’s great that we, your readers, can benefit from your writing as well.

    Thanks so much for the thought and care the you put into your daily entries.

    Hi and Hugs to Anne, too. Very thrilling that life has allowed the two of you to experience all of this together! Take special care of yourselves 🙂

    ~ Carla

    Comment by carla — 2011/05/14 @ 21:19

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