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Today began with a brief ride from our hotel in Milford, CT to the train station. The northeast has this thing called mass transit that Californians can only envy. Sure, people have cars and there are freeways (often not free, but that’s another story), but many ride a subway, train or bus daily. Our short shuttle ride to the station wasn’t to board a train, but to meet Molly who took part of her day off to take the short ride from New Haven so we could play together. While we waited for her arrival, we consulted our phones (Droid X) to learn about Milford and walked half a block toward City Hall for a peek. On the way we found something that instantly had us both missing and wanting to share with Nancy back in SB: a really cool little bakery.

0009 Scratch Baking

0009 Scratch Baking

The women there reminded us of Nancy, but the aroma did that before we first opened the door. So of course we bought some for Molly. Then of course, I sampled most of them (except the pain au chocolat) to see which she might most enjoy. As expected, it was pain au chocolat. 🙂

While I waited outside the bakery with our luggage (long story), Anne ran to meet Molly’s train and I enjoyed watching them stroll back in lively conversation until Molly noticed me and waved.

9382 Beauty Approaches

9382 Beauty Approaches

I am the luckiest man alive.

We toured the heart of metropolitan Milford (two blocks) together, and settled down for a glorious chatty lunch of salade niçoise at the delicious Cafe Atlantique.

0019 French Maiden in Milford

0019 French Maiden in Milford

After another too-brief visit, we got her back to Hank (her bike) in New Haven and rejoined Tripp for the quick flight to Minuteman airport near Boxborough, MA. Taking off we were struck by how often it’s been smoggy or hazy for our flights here, and the gathering overcast added to the effect in this shot.

0020 After KHVN Takeoff

0020 After KHVN Takeoff

Tomorrow we hope to join our wonderful friends Zubair and Momina for the giant birthday party they’re throwing in celebration for their daughter. Then into Boston to explore and play while we wait for better weather to the North.

A note for anyone who’s followed our blog awhile: The title of tonight’s entry relates to the source of the photo number chaos. Anne’s camera was at #0009 today when mine was at #9382, yet Anne’s was at #0512 recently in Times Square. She has an adorable new little red camera we got at B&H in Manhattan (amazing place!). It is so pampered she keeps it in the foam pocket it slept in since boxed in Japan, and is very cautious about getting dust inside like she did on her old camera (holding it outside to snap pix during flight). Hopefully you’ll see more pix she’ll snap on it, and like me you’ll enjoy its improved dynamic range (highlights like clouds less washed out). Maybe she’ll even read the directions and learn to get the best snaps it can produce. Or not. 🙂


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  1. It was really thoughtful of you to do that pastry sampling for Molly. I wish I could have helped. Next time, I’d like photos of the pastries, please.

    I’m enjoying your trip!

    Comment by Nancy Oster — 2011/05/08 @ 18:29

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