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Over, then Over Again

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Two posts from us in one day, but I have more to add:

The flying was FUN today!  Short but exciting – and another brilliant day.  It’s been so cloudy, foggy of late that the clear air is exhilarating.

The fresh sourdough bread was yummy and took me back many years when I made bread regularly while living in the Carnation farmhouse on the Snoqualmie River in Washington state.  That was before breads got good in stores.  Nancy brought a sourdough starter she made from the organic chardonnay grapes she got at the Santa Ynez winery, Alma Rosa, our fave! [Note from John: my recollection of Nancy’s story is that she used that hazy coating you see on grapes, that’s actually a yeast, and she’s used the haze from plums before too.]

She asked if I’d be a “tester” for an article she’s writing for Edible SB. She reminded me of how one develops a “relationship” with the starter. Well our relationship is off to a great start, this starter and me, and the first loaf came out beautifully!

0759 1st Loaf of Sourdough Bread

0759 1st Loaf of Sourdough Bread

The little holes are done with scissors before baking.  Next, I’ll play with the shapes.

0761 Sliced Bread, Texture

0761 Sliced Bread, Texture

Well, the Texture looks about perfect to me, and the butter melting on it agreed.  Looks to me like the directions Nancy wrote will create many more happy bakers!

More bread in our future, with various accouterments 🙂


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