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Jasper Seconds

The first time I ever saw Jasper was on a train from Smithers, so perhaps it’s fitting somehow that my third experience of Jasper began in this small town with a big regional presence. It’s not just the tourism that is now year-round, but also it serves as a shopping destination for some of the region of B.C. between Prince George and Prince Rupert. It was a delight when the hotel shuttle driver said she’d be happy to give us a “Mainer” enroute to the airport. Noting with some delight our quizzical expressions, she explained that’s what her kids called it when they’d cruise Main Street.

0274 Mainer

0274 Mainer

Though it’s changed a lot since I lived there, some of the places I lived and worked remain as reminders of another era.

We discovered Jasper anew too, because approaching it from the West presents a very different perspective and we noticed things we’d missed before. Even in this day’s heavier smoke, the Western entrance greeted us with a hint of ancient Egypt.

0538 Pyramid Peaks

0538 Pyramid Peaks

For reasons I don’t understand, this view also reminds me of our time in DC at the feet of solemn Abe in the Lincoln Memorial.

Sometimes the intensity of Being Alive almost overwhelms me, and I woke in that space this morning. Maybe that’s why there’s something massive for me about looking again at these faint impressions of places that evoke faint and distorted memories. How many miles and passages have piled into the misshapen vessel that is human memory? How is it that we ever experience as mundane, this incredible Life?


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