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Gallery of Randomness

Below are random images from this blog. Maybe. Reload your browser window to see something different. Maybe. Or just visit this page occasionally and maybe you’ll see something different. For more fun, scroll down and read the stuff below the gallery of images you’re maybe seeing below these words.

Random Images (maybe)

The “Maybe” is because the web app that this blog is currently running (WordPress) likes to do random things. So the Randomness you find here could include anything from emptiness to the five images I’m seeing above at the moment. If it works you can play it like a slot machine, getting different selections each time you reload this window in your browser. To see larger versions of the images, click one of them and maybe you’ll be taken to the larger version of that one with the option to click and see more images (click the “X” at the top of the screen or hit the Esc key on your keyboard to exit).

To read about an image can be fun but tricky. If you know how to turn off JavaScript in your browser, try that and maybe you can then click on the image and then at the left-bottom edge of the title text above the enlarged pic. Or, in the slide show just highlight and copy the Number & Name below the image. Then click the “X” at the top of the screen or hit your Esc key to get out of the slide show. Next scroll to the top of the page and paste the Number & Name text you just copied, into the rectangular box just above the Search button at the upper-right of the page (just above the line “Categories of Posts” and hit Return (Enter on Macs) or click that Search button. Maybe you’ll be taken to the blog entry containing that image, where you can read about it.

At the top of any Post below the date and Title lines maybe you’ll see a line that begins with “Filed under: ” and if you then pull down the Category menu in the right column maybe you can select one that will take you to other Posts from a Big Adventure or some with similar pix. Just remember, Randomness rules. 🙂

To see more, different and larger images (mostly our all-time favorites) visit our Photo Page. You’ll also find more words and pictures in John’s Edhat posts.


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