John & Anne Wiley



  • UK/EU Adventure (airlines & trains in 5 European countries), click HERE
  • 1/2017 Over Under (OU) Adventure (NZ,AU,HI), click HERE
  • 8/2016 Smoke Signal Adventure (OR,WA,AB,MT,ID), click HERE
  • 7/2015 Coasting Adventure (Oceano, BigSur,Pescadero), click HERE
  • 10/2014 Pacific Northwest (PNW) Adventure (Boi-Ren-OR-CA), click HERE
  • 4/2014 Four Corners (4C) Adventure (Sedona, Durango, Rockies, Denver) click HERE
  • 3/2013 Islander Adventure (New Orleans, Bahamas, Quebec City, CT, PA) click HERE
  • 8/2012 AB Joy Adventure (Jasper,EDM,WA), click HERE
  • 8/2011 Smiley Adventure (OR, ID, WA), click HERE
  • 4/2011 MeriTimes Adventure (NY,Newfoundland, CT,Montreal,Chicago) click HERE
  • 2/2011 White North Adventure (Edmonton-Luella@2mo), click HERE
  • 7/2010 North by Northwest (NxNW) Adventure (Oshkosh,AB,Alaska), click HERE
  • 10/2009 Big Adventure  (ME, Martha’sVin, CT,SC, FL,Pensacola) click HERE

The above links are shortcuts to our various Big Adventures that take you to the first page (earliest posts) for each Adventure and the rest in sequence by date.

Advance to the Rear

The links above let you read about our favorite Big Adventures in sequence. Since this website is on the most recent posts normally display at the top of the sequence (in reverse order of their posting). So to read about one of our Adventures in normal order from the first post to the last rather than reading the most recent (last) first, you’ll want to click on one of the links above.

Our most recent Adventures are typically of the most interest (and tend to have the best quality pix from our latest camera). So you’ll notice that I’ve placed the most recent Big Adventures at the top of this list. Don’t worry though, when you click one you’ll be reading it in “story” form from first post to last. 🙂

Note that if you click the box in the right column that says “Select Category” (below  “Categories of Posts”), and in the pull-down menu that appears you click the name of an Adventure, you’ll be taken to the last page and will have to read in reverse order. Each Category in the menu ends with a number in parentheses denoting how many Posts are in that Category. For example, the 4C Adventure has 33 Posts.


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