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This site is where we’re now putting words and photos from our adventures, for those who have asked us to share them and those who enjoy discovering them. All of this is copyright by us, so please contact us if you’d like to use any of it commercially. We already had a Photo Page on Flickr where we put 1024×768 pixel versions of some of our favorite photos. We’ve also added many short articles and small photos onto the delightful Santa Barbara community and news website (click here for most of my articles). In the Fall of 2009 we had our first “real” cross-country flight (CA-ME-FL-CA and U.S. states between), and created a Big Adventure blog about it.

So since I had some hassles in posting text and images on that site, I explored alternatives and have now moved everything on that blog over here to where I’m happier so far. I’m hoping that more of my time can go into flying and other adventures I most enjoy, rather than futzing with text-gone-wild on blogspot. I was impressed to discover that WordPress has an option to automatically import blogs from elsewhere, and it seems to have worked quite well.

1001 Photos

In case you’ve wondered about those numbers at the start of the newer photo captions, I’m using the system I use on my Photo Page of including the camera’s file number. That way I can more easily find the photo file on my computer later if desired. The numbers will jump around a bit because we have two cameras, and each is at a different point in its numbering of photo file names. So the camera that Anne uses might be at DSC_1021 and on the Nikon I use the latest photo could be DSC_6090. Since we take lots of pix, the numbers reset to zero occasionally.


I looked at all of the 90 or so themes on this free version of WordPress, and chose this one as the most compatible with my tastes and needs. You might not like how wide it is on widescreen computers, and if so I suggest you re-size your browser window to make the lines shorter and easier to read. On the free Firefox browser (click the link to get it if you like safe, fast, reliable, and compatible software), you can also increase the size (on a Mac, hold down the “Apple” key and tap the “+” key) and that also makes the photos bigger along with everything else. I also use and recommend the free NoSquint plugin for Firefox that lets me change the size of pix or text independently.

Another meaning of the word “theme” hinted at above is my quest for software that does what I want, without complexity or hassle. Something I’d like to see on WordPress that I haven’t yet found an easy way to do (that was nice on blogspot) is listing posts in reading order (oldest first). Unfortunately, this means that following one of our Big Adventures in story sequence is a bit of hassle.

About Time

You may have noticed that the date and time of posts here doesn’t match Santa Barbara local time. I’ve chosen “zulu” (aka GMT) time, since we fly a lot and I’m hoping that setting spares me having to figure out SB time when we’re in different time zones. I’m also a bit unhappy with the whole idea of Daylight Savings Time, because it adds another level of confusion, messes up everyone’s sleep schedules, and doesn’t seem to actually save any daylight.


As you’ve read on this page and elsewhere, we welcome Comments. It’s fun to get more idea of what people like or dislike. Unfortunately, this is another weakness of WordPress so I’ve turned off the option. We really do still welcome comments and contacts though, so don’t hesitate to use the Contact Us link in the right column.

April, 2016

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