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Castles & Sand

“And so castles made of sand, fall in the sea, eventually.”

There’s something so lyrical about Hearst Castle. Every time we fly past it catches the eye and the heart, dancing somewhere between Rosebud about “damaged childhood” and Castles Made of Sand about “the temporary nature of existence, of time slipping away, how nothing can be taken for granted – love, loyalty, family bonds, [and] friendship.”

Tonight as we begin to assimilate and recover from easily our most unusual flying Adventure, today’s unusually high flight past the Castle evokes some unclear theme.

7004 High Hearst

7004 High Hearst

I decided to stay high so that ATC could follow us on radar, so it gave a detached overview different from the more intimate glimpses we’ve enjoyed on past flights. This added to a contemplative air we were breathing from this trip that touched so many castles. The homes of people we love, each so different in setting and construction.

Each of us lives in a Home that is our Castle, and within these walls we build a culture that can define us and keep out the variety of life out there. We have been enriched and stretched by this Castle tour. While we cherish the warm welcome bestowed upon us in each of these realms we’ve just traversed, there’s no place like Home back here in our castle. 🙂


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