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Where Were We?

We were here, with love all around.

3431 Top 'O World

3431 Top ‘O World

On top of One World Trade Center, looking down and back at the footprint pool and out to the Brooklyn Bridge where we once rode friends’ bikes. Again reviewing pix from our Islander Adventure seemingly now from a different enchanted life, memories are refreshed of that April 24th flight of this year.

3447 Old Tops

3447 Old Tops

The older tops of the world (Chrysler at the left, and of course Empire State) stand frozen in time as other towers grow up around and beyond them. Far down in this forest a few old churches, once on top, now grasp for air and light. Just above the new top, we quietly surveyed this magnificent memory in the making. We were here.

3620 Montreal

3620 Montreal

A few days later we took in Mount Royal beside Montreal, where we once hiked up for a lower angle on the city we’d also explored on foot and bike.

3950 Quebec City

3950 Quebec City

Soon after, we similarly wandered Quebec City. One of our favorite activities there was roaming the old town on the river, especially the part to the left of the funicular at the bottom-right of the pic.

I sighed deeply just now, remembering these and so many other wonderful times we’ve shared. Not just on this adventure, but on so many others.


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