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Merry Land (2)

Reviewing more Islander pix, I found this mysterious mansion. Is it a resort? A clubhouse for everyone who lives on Bennet Point or maybe just Kilby Point? Here’s a wide shot of the point.

2678 Kilby/Bennet Pt, MD

2678 Kilby/Bennet Pt, MD

What got my attention is the round building with blue “happy face” below it. Here’s a closer look.

2679 Blue Happy Face

2679 Blue Happy Face

So both the square building next to it and the red-roofed one at the left look like resorts. Maybe they’re actually mansions? Judging by the condition of the swimming pool and that blue patio roof (click for larger version), maybe the happy face isn’t so happy lately? Love that little island bridge at the bottom-right, the tiny log cabin right of the “lodge” plus of course the pool and its bridge.

Wonder what the story is. When was it first built and what stories have unfolded there over the years since? How many people have sat at those picnic tables in the shade of the trees above the roundhouse, wearing their own serene happy face. How many marriages and honeymoons might have included time here? My heart and mind are drawn into this scene. So many interesting places like this we’ve noticed along our flying meanders. 🙂


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