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Back and Forward

We took a giant leap back in time today, flying over enchanting Chaco Canyon on our way from Santa Fe to Monument Valley.

5950 Enchanted Chaco

5950 Enchanted Chaco

If you search this blog (and also the Photo Page), you’ll probably find pix of Chaco and Monument Valley from our prior flights here. But this time the light was more subdued due to high clouds and I have a camera I like, so these probably came out better.

I have almost 1,000 pix from our four hours and some from S.Fe to our landing here in Flagstaff. Needless to say, there’s an excellent chance I’ll be posting some stunning pix in a few hours. Right now I’m just sending this update post while waiting for the pix to download onto my laptop. Meanwhile, I made this pic a little larger so you can click to see a bigger version.

My eyes more and more,
Like a sea without shore,
Continue expanding,
The heav'ns commanding.
   -William Blake

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