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Today I started getting itchy to fly again. Partly because the sky didn’t look like this.

Deluge Abating

Deluge Abating

This was the scene after the most intense rain had passed on our drive into Pittsburgh. A couple of minutes before, we couldn’t see beyond that car in front of us, much less the road sign beyond. Now I don’t want to cast aspersions on PA drivers, but some of them make driving in LA traffic seem relaxing. But to their credit, the entire freeway had slowed to perhaps 10mph during the deluge. Be that as it may, the sky today (between dark periods and some showers) often looked even better than this.

5171 Fort Kittanning

5171 Fort Kittanning

In case you didn’t know, this is actually a pic of the County Courthouse in Kittanning, where some key records of my ancestors are guarded. I’m playfully calling it Fort Kittanning because it’s by far the most impenetrable of the county records offices we’ve visited in this region of the state. I was OK after a full airport scan to enter the library, though a simple weapons check is what I’d expected. But when the guard confiscated my camera he informed me that taking photos of public records, “Is stealing, and carries a stiff penalty.” Interesting difference from the other counties, where family researchers are welcomed and assisted both out of human kindness and to promote tourism. The actual Armstrong County records clerks range from disinterest to disdain, and the computer system is quite opaque so I got nothing of interest for the $1 per 2 pages of illegible photocopies.

But I digress. 🙂

So tomorrow we’re going to check out the Butler County Courthouse because their exceptional Historical Society is closed Mondays. Then a quick drive to Franklin for an intro to their county resources, and back to Clarion where Tripp awaits. Oh, will it be wonderful to see her again and on Tuesday to Fly! 😀

At least that’s the plan tonight, and our first landing is to be in Punxsutawney for a quick look (to supplement some aerial photos with street views). Then (unless Phil sees his shadow) we’re going to being addressing another itch: Being Home. We’re well ready for some rest, and hanging out in our own place with Tripp safely tucked away in her SBA spot. It’s going to be some days getting home since we’re not racing or anything, and of course weather will have her way. But right now our only intended destination is Monument Valley for another flying tour of the giant sculpture garden, and it’s right on our direct path from the groundhog haven to our little slice of heaven. I wonder what this part of our Islander Adventure will turn out to be.


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  1. Be careful crossing the street in Punxsutawney and don’t buy any insurance from Ned. Please take pictures.

    Comment by Nancy — 2013/05/13 @ 03:52

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