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Home feels SO sweet!! Just got in an hour ago, having tucked Tripp into her spot at familiar SBA, and unloaded all the stuff (most of which we never used) back into our place. The car was so full, how did we ever get all that into Tripp much less all the way to High Prairie and back?! We bid a tearful farewell to sweet Joy, after arranging to meet again next week for a slide show and debrief. Have now enjoyed what sister Dori calls a “spa” (refreshing damp face cloth to cleanse the skin and soul). Now this quick note to update you (no internet and barely any phone service last nite), and a few pix like this one from today.

3711 Division

3711 Division

Last nite we danced along the dividing line between inland smoke and coastal low clouds. As I mentioned at the start of this Adventure, there are many fires in the hot inland areas of western states and provinces making lots of smoke that’s sloshing around unpredictably with the shifting winds. Similarly unpredictable cool coastal low clouds and fog are shifting with those same winds. We wound up placing our bet on a little airport named Andy McBeth. The tiny town of Klamath Glen it’s in does seem to be some combination of a dwarf Mayberry (Andy Griffith’s town), and a Shakespearean drama. I’ll probably share more about that stop in the next few daze. But back to the pic above: Soon after taking off today we encountered thickening smoke so we climbed to 7,500 feet and got this view of the North Pass Fire near Covelo. You can just make out the crescent moon at the top edge of the pic, and the whole pic shows how we danced along the vertical division between earth, sky and smoke while dancing the horizontal division between fog and fire.

3725 Sonoma Stop

3725 Sonoma Stop

We planned to stop several times on this last day of the adventure, to better enjoy the places we saw. But somehow the only landing we made was in Sonoma. Approaching the airport I snapped the City Hall and town square where we’d soon be sampling the fabulous fare at the Basque Cafe. It’s visible at the upper left if you know what to look for. Having stopped there once before and gorged on their incredible cookies, we know where to look.🙂

3738 Take Out

3738 Take Out

We savored a bag of sandwiches and cookies under the shade of the town square’s redwoods near the fountain. Then back in for another bag we brought home to share with friends tomorrow. Typing this my mouth is watering as I imagine a cup of Anne’s Perfect Coffee with the second best (Anne’s are unbeatable) cookies.

Now to sleep, perchance to dream…

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