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High Jumps

There wasn’t time for a post last nite, and not much time tonite. But suffice it to say we’re having a blast! It’s hard to believe that we were in Valemount (Jasper area) nite before last, and Creston (3 miles north of the U.S. border) last nite. So many incredible scenes we have dancing in our heads. Many high flights along mountain passes thru the Rockies and Cascades. Lots of pix to share at some point but for now here’s one of our fav parts on today’s flight thru Stevens Pass to Renton where we greatly enjoyed a brief stop with Anne’s sister & her husband.

3031 Stevens Pass Gatepost

3031 Stevens Pass Gatepost

This is near the western entrance to the pass, and is one side of a relatively narrow notched peak far above the highway and river below. There’s a tiny lake nestled up there, and views like this on either side. After a nourishing stroll along the river near the airport and a tasty meal, we left Renton at sunset for a beautiful flight directly over SeaTac airport and then direct to Olympia. We’re in a cozy hotel downtown, and hope to have some time for a quick exploration in the morning before heading for our last night of this amazing journey.

It feels like the whole trip has been high jumps. Even the parts where we flew fairly low or even explored on the ground. Each portion of the journey has been so intensely fun and completely different, because we’ve gone “high” in between stops. Up into a totally different dream realm where time, space and place tumble like thrown dice. Except every landing brings very good luck in rewarding experiences, and the air time is enchanting.


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