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Santa Cruz » 3191 Santa Cruz Boardwalk

3191 Santa Cruz Boardwalk

3191 Santa Cruz Boardwalk


  1. Heres another one for you John, you mentioned the old rolercoaster / waterslide at the boardwalk but I’m kind of surprised that you didn’t mention the “Giant Dipper” rollercoaster there. It’s the 5th oldest(1924)wooden rollercoaster in the U.S and has been in numerous movies. Do you remember it, did you ever ride on it? When you did you could feel the wooden structure give to the pressures of the cars as you zipped along, very interesting and entertaining!

    Also, when you boarded it you had to go inside, where the Merry Go Round (1911) was located, again, a very wonderful and beautiful long time attraction to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

    Heres the link to that…

    My Wife (Girlfriend at the time, we got married in 1971!)and I are originally from Lompoc, we moved to the Bay Area and we lived and played there from 1968 to 1974 when we moved back to our good ol’ hometown to raise our first child. Things just got to hectic for these small town people and our responsibilities took a huge turn, better to raise the kids here.

    Thanks for your great pictures John, what a beautiful way to travel!

    Comment by Gary — 2011/09/01 @ 23:16 | Reply

    • I’m not sure about the Dipper, because my memory mingles several boardwalks & wooden coasters of the ’60s. I do recall loving the Mouse ride, and don’t recall the water slide being there then. If the Dipper was open the times I was there, I surely rode it along with all the other attractions. Travel by small plane is orders of magnitude better than any other way of moving about, and it’s also a transcendental experience just being up there. We flew briefly this evening, and are still floating on air from it. Getting difficult for me to understand why everyone doesn’t fly small planes. 😉

      Comment by John — 2011/09/02 @ 02:15 | Reply

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