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Today I uploaded a movie of The Bean we took in Chicago’s Millennium Park, and if you have Flash on your computer or phone (likely) it’s worth a look. The countless still photos like this one of ours that you’ll see of it can be fascinating, but pale in comparison with the interactive experience of everyone there.

0843 Bean Still

0843 Bean Still

Click on the Photo Page or More Photos link in the right column here to see the short movie clip.

So today was fairly quiet. Lots of unpacking, tidying up from the mess left by our departure, and fixing Tonk. In case you didn’t know, that’s the name of the 1986 Toyota pickup inherited from my Dad. When we landed at sunset yesterday, Anne went to where he was parked at the airport to bring him out to Tripp for unloading all our stuff. To our surprise, he absolutely refused to start so we had him unceremoniously hauled home by AAA. Anyway, today I discovered that he’d been sitting so long without being started that the fuel had drained out of the pump and all I had to do was re-prime it to get him running again. As you can see on the Photo Page, I’ve also begun uploading more/larger pix from our adventure there. Another task was updating our “Places Visited” map on a pilot website to include every U.S. state except HI and every Canadian Province (so far none of the Territories).

Tomorrow we get Tripp ready for the annual inspection ritual to ensure another year of flawless performance from our trusty traveler. We’ll be helping the mechanic open up inspection panels, and looking over his shoulder with fascination as he checks everything. This yearly rite also inevitably includes some tweaks and upgrades, so it will be interesting to see what we do this year.

We’ll also begin seeing friends, and that’s probably when we’ll really begin feeling Home.


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