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Playing on “Whyte Ave”

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This is the day after Allie & Joshua drove us both directions in their town, Edmonton, BC, to look for our hotel which was on 84th st – turns out there is more than one 84th street and we had no phone number for it, so we got an inadvertent tour of the city. It’s one of those unexpected experiences while traveling that taxes all – me for not getting the phone number (duh) and them for being out later than expected – but shows the spirit of all involved.  Kind of bonding in a way.  We laughed a lot throughout it, and they were incredibly gracious and good spirited, and it is now one of our sweetest memories.

A delightful byproduct of our evening safari was Josh showing us the “Whyte Ave” area and suggesting we take a walk there the next day, since by then we canceled our hotel and got one convenient enough that they could just head home.  Without Josh’s tour we wouldn’t have known about this area which we loved.

We had one hour from hotel and back to hotel to catch our shuttle to the airport. We started in “Old Strathcona” (shortened to Scona) and our hotel was a block or two from this:

0282 J meets Old Strathcona

0282 J meets Scona

It’s a casual place, with varied ethnic foods, an alternative to the chain stores in the outlying areas.  Reminded me of the 60s some, with bead shops and such.  We got some Greek food to take on the plane, as once flying there are not many options.  Here are some good times:

0291 EdmontonTower

0291 J peruses EdmontonTower

0294 Edmonton Bario

0294 Edmonton's Barrio

A woman asked if we’d like a photo of us together.  We ask that so often for others, that it was sweet to have it asked of us.

0297 A&J on White Ave, Edmunton

0297 A&J on Whyte Ave, Edmonton

Then back to our hotel to catch the shuttle…

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