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Santa Barbara was overflowing with couples on Valentine’s Day. But some were probably enjoying the President’s Day holiday, and others were just out relishing the crisp blue skies and incredibly warm weather. We toured the town having decided not to fly, then as evening approached the sweet song of a quietly passing plane caught our ear. The only decision was how short to make the flight, given that we had a movie date with friends. It ended up being 17 minutes in the heavenly air.

0005 Goleta Beach

0005 Goleta Beach

Every beach along our coast was alive with people at play. Though it’s impossible to tell from the quarter mile above where we fly, presumably many of them were couples celebrating their love in the ways they most enjoy together. We sure were! 🙂

0011 Couples?

0011 Couples?

Could those be two couples kissed by sea foam on a quiet stretch of beach beneath carved sandstone cliffs? We saw people at Ellings Park and the Wilcox (Douglas Family Preserve), and Hendry’s (Arroyo Burro) Beach. Whether on the ground, in the water, or best of all aloft in Tripp; We Santa Barbara!

0041 Hendry's

0041 Hendry’s


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