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Gallery of Five

Below are five random images from this blog. You can play it like a slot machine, getting different selections each time you reload this window in your browser. To see larger versions of the images, click one of them and you’ll be taken to the larger version of that one with the option to scroll through the Five (click the X or hit the Esc key to exit).

To read about an image can be fun but tricky. Click on the image and then highlight and copy the Number & Name at the bottom-left of the larger version of the image. Then click X or hit the Esc key and paste the Number & Name text into the little rectangular box at the upper-right of the blog page beneath the words “Adventures with People, Flying & Happiness.” Then click the Search button beneath that and you’ll be taken to the blog entry containing that image, where you can read about it.

To see more, different and larger images (mostly our absolute favorites) visit our Photo Page. You’ll also find more words and pictures in John’s Edhat posts.

Five Random Images

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