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About Us

We retired in July of 2009 in Santa Barbara, California ending careers that began in technology and speech, transitioning to education and psychology. We always enjoyed flying, especially in small planes, and in 2006 John earned a pilot license so since then we started flying much more.

In the Fall of 2009 we flew a small plane named Flash on our Big Adventure from Santa Barbara to San Diego to Maine to Florida and home. At the start of 2010 we bought a 1983 Cessna 172Q, whose name we’ve discovered is Tripp. As you’ve guessed, part of her name has to do with anticipating and planning many more trips. We began that with a 2010 North by Northwest adventure (NxNW) flight to Oshkosh and then across Canada to Alaska and home via Jasper & Banff. This new blog includes the imported adventures from the Big Adventure blog we did for that trip, and we’ll continue sharing our exploits here. Already since NxNW we’ve flown to all but HI of the remaining U.S. states and Canadian Provinces we hadn’t already landed in. Now we’re talking about starting to add Hawaiian islands, Mexican states, Canadian Territories,  and Caribbean countries to our map.

Places We've Landed

Places We’ve Landed

We hope you enjoy sharing our Adventures, and we welcome your Comments.

Happy Flying,

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  1. Just a short note to let you know I’ve nominated you for The Lovely Blog Award.

    Comment by goodoldgirl — 2012/06/17 @ 04:20 | Reply

  2. I love your blog. reminds me of all those time i flew through TX, LA, AL, CA etc.. in my flying training days.. Thanks :-)

    Comment by Viraj Belgaonkar — 2013/03/25 @ 10:01 | Reply

  3. What a fun way to spend your retirement! You two are very adventurous. :)

    Comment by amforte66 — 2014/05/10 @ 10:20 | Reply

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