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We feel a special kinship with the Pacific NorthWest from each having lived there for many years before we met. Some of our fondest memories are of the colorful sunny days, because they stand out so brilliantly from the months of gray overcast and drizzle. Since we only fly in fairly good weather, our trips to the PNW have usually been on days like these during the flight from Renton to Spokane.

1850 Memory Cascade

1850 Memory Cascade

It brought a cascade of fond memories as we entered the Cascades. Forest, flecks of snow on the mountains even in summer, and rivers running through it all.

1864 River Run

1864 River Run

So many memories along such rivers, and the innumerable creeks feeding them. Then across the dry prairie to Spokane, where we got this great view of the waterworks we’d taken a short afternoon walk on a previous adventure.

1928 Spokane Waterworks

1928 Spokane Waterworks

I enjoyed a deep, delicious sigh just now looking at these pix again and remembering our glorious times here – both recent and decades ago. So much water has gone under the bridge, and life keeps getting better. Now we see many of these places from aerial perspectives that greatly enhance the contemplative view we’re gleaning from the decades gone by.

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