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Further Behind

Long ago as my last post seemed, this one’s further behind because I’m falling further behind. That is, posting more pix from our AB Joy Adventure has been falling behind other stuff on our ToDo list. So the pix I’m sharing below for today is older than the stuff on the prior post. Hope I can get thru all the unshared AB Joy pix before we begin another Big Adventure. :)

1728 Big Rock

1728 Big Rock

So as you can see, we’re flying the OR coast after our night at Coos Bay. While the gals have been enjoying a steady stream of coast my focus has been a few of the more striking offshore rocks on my side of the plane. I haven’t yet figured out where these rocks are, but maybe you’ll recognize them. If you click to see the larger version of the one above you can start to make out the variety of birds enjoying the top.

1734 Sea Caves

1734 Sea Caves

I’m endlessly fascinated by the many sea caves along the CA/OR coast, and the ones in offshore rocks even more so. I’m in a kayak exploring, or maybe in an old timey story about pirates.

1735 Rock Arch

1735 Rock Arch

Rock arches take it up a notch. It’s mind boggling to imagine the forces that would carve such a beautiful arch while leaving all the support structure intact. Maybe an ancient lava tube made the arch area softer than the rest of the rock?

1740 Spooky Shapes

1740 Spooky Shapes

Some of the shapes are just spooky. If the Nautilus sub in that old Disney film has a secret home base, this would make a great entrance. Carved down into solid rock would be a chamber where the sub descends. Then it surfaces in a gigantic subterranean dome where the sailors can climb ashore below sea level. Whatever’s inside, there’s a sinister air about it. Or not. Maybe just a really beautiful collection of shapes that’s home to a variety of animals that shelter there via land, air and sea.

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