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The effects of “prop advance” that I’ve mentioned before have combined with the fact we holed up for a while after arriving home. So these pix from our 8/8 flight have the feel of something long ago. Having had all the coastal flying during the return trip on my side of the plane adds another long ago note to these pix from the flight North. As I wrote back then, nearly all of the scenery was on Anne & Joy’s side of the plane. So it’s a little surprising to see that I did manage to snap a few pix I like on that day.

1690 SF Bird Rocks

1690 SF Bird Rocks

Because they were offshore I snapped these bird rocks in the churning surf just before we reached Pedro Point. A minute later the Point itself came into view, and I like the stark angularity of it.

1691 Pedro Point

1691 Pedro Point

A moment after as we crested the Point, this tiny settlement intrigued me. Was it once a fish camp? Have those boxy beach houses ever been impacted by high tides, seas or a tsunami?

1694 S. Bay Beach Houses

1694 S. Bay Beach Houses

While the gals were taking in San Francisco and starting to talk about their view of Golden Gate Park and the bridge not far beyond, I pondered scenes like this. We’ve flown along this coast several times, yet after so many miles of just open sea on my side the deprivation led me to notice it. Luckily, after the bridge our views were more equal as we angled inland.

1715 Vineyard Quilt

1715 Vineyard Quilt

The angular shapes of this vineyard near Rohnert Park were part of a welcome relief from all that ocean. Again, I probably paid more attention to this part of the flight than on previous flights over this area. So maybe this pic is less magical for you than it still is for me. I could crop it so that only the vineyard shapes are showing, but to me the way the quilt integrates with the rest of the landscape is part of the art. That small squiggle of creek at the left edge. The straight edge of road and bare square fields. Even that clump of trees at the top where I learned online the historic Washoe House still serves meals as it did long ago.

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